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Asher and Tomar Solicitors can provide representation at the Immigration Appeal Tribunals and we have a very high success rate in immigration appeals. If you need assistance with Administrative Reviews, or any of the above matters, we are here to help. 

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Immigration Appeals:

Where an immigration decision is made in respect of the person he may appeal to the Tribunal, please note that it says may and not must.

As with respect to the out of country cases there are hardly any appeal rights,

Tier 4 Appeal: For example if you have applied for Tier 4 general student migrant which was refused by the

Entry Clearance Officer or Entry Clearance Manger then you will not get any appeals rights, as in these cases you can only apply for

administrative review, however if you still not satisfied the n you can apply to the High Court.

However, In Family Visit Visa Appeals:

Family Visit Visa Appeal: Cases if you are a first cousin of the Sponsor, and your application is still refused by the Entry Clearance Officer

or Entry Clearance Manager then you will be granted full right of appeal and you can lodge an appeal to the asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

Furthermore, please be advised that to lodge a paper appeal the Tribunal fee is £80.00 per appellant and £140.00 for oral appeal per appellant.
a) To lodge an appeal you must have good grounds of appeal.

  1. b) You must serve the paginated index to bundle 5 days prior to the hearing date to the Home Office
    and to the Tribunal.
  2. c) The index to bundle must have a Witness Statement attached to it.

On the hearing day you have to adopt the Witness Statement, if you wish it to be considered as an Evidence, then if the Home Office presenting

officer will be there, he or she will ask you lots of question, then Immigration Judge may ask you few question, and later on the Judge will invite your

legal representative to re-examine you, if not then it goes to the submission stage.

Immigration Appeals:

  1. a) Spouse Visa Appeals

  1. b) UK Visa Refused

  1. c) Tier 1 General Visa Refused-Immigration Appeals

  1. d) Tier 2 Visa Refused- Immigration Appeals

  1. e) Tier 4 Student Visa Refused- Tier 4 Appeals-Immigration Appeals

  1. f) Indefinite Leave to Remain-ILR Visa refused-Immigration Appeals

  1. g) Settlement Visa refused-Immigration Appeals

  1. h) Human Rights- FLR (FP) refused-Immigration Appeals

  1. i) EEA family permit refused-Immigration Appeals

  1. j) Elderly Dependent Visa Refused-Immigration Appeals

  1. k) Tier 2 Minister of Religion visa refused-Immigration Appeals

  1. l) Asylum Claim Refused-Immigration Appeals

  1. m) Dependent Visa Appeal-Immigration Appeals

  1. n) Civil Partner Appeal-Immigration Appeals

  1. o) Victim of Domestic Violence- SET DV refused- Immigration Appeals

  1. p) UK Ancestry Visa refused-Immigration Appeals

  1. q) Long Stay is refused-Immigration Appeals

The right of appeal is generally granted under the section 82 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002.

> Immigration Appeals:

We have noticed that as the Immigration Rules are tighter by the Home Office (UK Border Agency) therefore many applicants are not able to meet the visa criteria and leading their visa being refused and putting their case in jeopardy, but some of the cases are refused without the proper assessment of the Secretary of State (in-country applications) or by the Entry Clearance Office (overseas applications).

Being into this practice since long time we encourage our clients to always appeal against the notice of refusal.

Ways to Lodge Immigration appeals: 

Oral Appeals: Oral appeal fee is £140.00, if you wish to lodge an oral appeal then please be advised that you and your sponsor have to give evidence in the Tribunal, however if you have applied outside the United Kingdom then you cannot appear in the Immigration and Asylum tribunal but still your sponsor have to give oral Evidence on the day of hearing.

Paper Appeals: Paper appeal fee is £80.00, if you wish to lodge this appeal then nobody has to appear at the Immigration and asylum Tribunal as the appeal will be determined on the documentary evidence enclosed with the paginated index to bundle of documents.

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