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– Should be 18years+ and under 25years has spent half of his/her life living continuously in the UK (provided there is no discontinuity of imprisonment)
– Born or Entered the UK as a child
– Held 5 years limited leave
– Application made under the eligibility of paragraph 276ADE(1) of the Immigration Rules (

LENGTH (Longer or Shorter periods) AND TYPE (Family life, private life, and exceptional circumstance) of Leave to be taken into consideration as under:
– Age, when they arrived in the UK
– Length of their residence
– strength and integration to the UK
– whether any unlawful residence
– efforts made with the Home office
– length of lawful leave (including current, past & future)
– any detrimental impact on the person’s health/ welfare

The decision-makers must overlook the individual facts of each case, for the need of 10year route applicants along with the above-mentioned factors. Further, the caseworker will also have the discretion to consider early grant of ILR in specific cases. Also, as per the Family life guidance, where an applicant request in particular for a longer period of leave than 30months or ILR with specific reasons, then it must be considered. However, if the decision is not considered it must be set out in the decision letter. For all other applications outside the criteria, the applicants will be required to demonstrate with exceptionally or compelling reasons to grant ILR.

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