Appeal UK Spouse Visa, if your UK spouse visa is refused with the right of appeal then you should appeal the decision of the Home Office/UKVI or of the entry clearance officer.

Reason for Refusal of UK Spouse Visa:

a) You cannot meet the income threshold

b) Marriage is not a registered marriage

c) Marriage is not subsisting

d) Fail to comply with the level of English

Right of Appeal:

If your UK spouse visa is refused then you must have been granted a right of appeal.

Types of Appeal:

a) Oral Appeal: Lodging an appeal, grounds of appeal, skeleton arguments, witness statements, index to bundle, preparation of a bundle, and representation at the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal.

b) Paper appeal:

The court fee to lodge an Oral appeal is £140.00 whilst £80.00 for a paper appeal, however, the appeal process may take up to a year or more, therefore, it is your choice whether to appeal or re-apply.

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