If you have applied for a visitor visa then the Entry Clearance Office needs to consider Human Rights Article 8 for Visitor Visa.

Are the matters raised capable of engaging human

What is meant by ‘engaging human rights ‘and how to consider whether human rights are engaged. The starting position for considering a visit application is that a visit does not generally engage human rights. A human right is engaged when the basic elements of a claim are made out. For example, in order to engage Article 8, the claim must demonstrate a family relationship and the relationship in question must be one that is capable of engaging the right to respect for family life. The refusal of the claim must be capable of indicating a failure to comply with the positive duty to respect family life. It does not mean that the claim is bound to succeed.

If the Entry Clearance Officer (CONSIDERING HUMAN RIGHTS ARTICLE 8 FOR VISITOR VISA) has refused your application then you can challenge it by way of Judicial Review but prior to that, we need to servePre Action Protocol.

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