Fiance Visa vs Spouse Visa

let start with an important question, spouse visa vs fiance visa UK? What will be the possible difference between a fiance visa vs a spouse visa?

These 2 visa categories fall within the Immigration Rules (settlement visa category) of the UK, however, the basic and most important difference between these two visas is that the fiance visa is for those looking to come into the UK to legally marry, however, the spouse visa is for partners to live in the UK permanently. The spouse visa is different from a fiance visa, in a number of ways.

Duration of Fiance Visa and a Spouse Visa

It is vital to note that an applicant must need to be outside the United Kingdom to apply for a fiance visa however the spouse visa can be applied within the United Kingdom. A Fiance visa will be initially granted for 6 months, however, a spouse’s visa will be granted for 30 months.

Difference Between a Fiance and a Spouse Visa?

Fiance Visa Spouse Visa

a) Only out of Country Application
a) Out of country and In-Country Application
b) Will be granted for 6 months
b) Will be granted for 30 months
c) No right to work
c) Right to Work
d) Fiance Visa can be switched to spouse visa within the UKd) Spouse visa can be further extended within the UK

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