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N1 Claim Form

N244 Set Aside Order

Lasting Power of Attorney Financial Decision LP1F

Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Care Decision LP1H

N208 Claim Form Restore a Company

NM01 Notice of Change Name of Company

MR01 Particulars of a charge (Company House)

Application for a Divorce, Dissolution or (Judicial) Separation D8 Form August 2017

D80D Form

Decree Nisi D084 Eng 2014

Decree Nisi D84

Divorce Petition Form 2016

Divorce Petition Form

Decree Absolute D36

Child Maintenance Order N1 Form

C100 Child Agreement

D081 Financial Remedy

D8B File a Defence 2017

Divorce Petition Form 2014

D81 Form

FL401 Non Molestation

EX50 Civil and Family Court Fees 2017

C008 Confidential Contact Details

( Non-Molestation)

C1A Allegationf of Farm and Domestic Violence

D11 Divorce Dissolution

D80B Statement in Support Behaviour (04.14)

D011 Divorce

N117 Undertaking Form (Non- Molestation)

FL403 Application to vary, Extend or  Discharge an Order in Existing Proceedings

N5B Form

N215 Certificate of Service October 2014

N005B Form May 2014

N325 Request for warrant of  Possession

Immigration Detention Bail Form B-1

Immigration Bail Rules 12 Jan 2018

EEA-FM Version 03-2017



IAFT 2 Appeal Decision Immmigration


NTL (No Time LImit) Form

TOC (Transfer of Condition) Form

TIER 2 Application

Further leave to remain on the basis of other  categtory (FLRO)

FLR (M) Form


Set (M) Form

Set (0) Form

SET (DV) 04.2017 Version

SET (DV)  SET DV Application Fee Details

Migramt Change Of Circumstances

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Application Form


EEA PR 3-16

EEA PR Guide to Supporting Documents v1 3-2015-12-04 KP

EEA (PR) April  2015

FLR (FP) Version 04.15

Set LR Form

FLR 0 Version 5-15

IAFT 4 Form

IAFT 7 Form

T485 Statement Under Upper Tribunal Rule 28 A (2) B

T-480 Judicial Review Form

IAFT 005 In Country Appeal Form

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Extension Form Version 11.15

FLR (0) Version 10-2015

IAFT 6 Appeal Form

Judicial Review Claim Form 2016

EEA EFM 3-16

EEA (QP) 2015, EEA (QP) 2017

Set (0), 11-2015

FLR (FP) 11-2015

FLR FP Version 3-16

Form an Application for Naturalisation as a British Citizen 1/2016

FLR (M) Version 4/2016

IAFT 005 Eng Oct 2016

VAF 2 Apply for Entry Clearance for more than 6 months: work, study, dependents and right of adobe

Fee Table 06 April 2017

T-483 Form Urgent Judicial Review

T485 Statement Under Upper Tribunal Rule 28A (2) (B)

Form FLR M (4-2017)

FLR FP (4-2017)

Immigration Fee Waiver Form

Statutory Declaration of Acknowledgement of Parentage

Nationality Fees Leaflet 2017

EEA EFM  Version 3-2017

VAF 1A General  Visitor Form

VAF 1B (Family Visitor) Form

VAF 2 (Employment) Form

VAF 3 (Student Form)

VAF 4A (Family Settlement) Form

VAF 4B (Returning Resident)

VAF5 (Family Permit)

VAF6 (Direct Airside Transit) Form

VAF7 (Right to Adobe) Form

VAF9 (Point Based System) Form

UK Passport Application OS Form


Lease Application Form

Application to  Cancel a Restriction RX3 Form

Planning Permission

CQS Conveyancing Protocol

TA 10 Form

TA6 Form

AP1 Form

OC1 Form

DS1 Form

CH1 Form

D6 Form Reconciliation

Form a Financial Application


TR1 Transfer of Property

Tenancy Agreement

Parental Responsibility Agreement

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