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How to File a Divorce

If you are willing to initiate Divorce proceedings on a clean break basis or on a No-fault divorce basis then you may be able to do it yourself. The family court fee to file a Divorce petition is £593.00

Documents and Information Required to File a Divorce Petition

a) Marriage certificate

b) Place of Marriage

c) You and your former partner last lived together address

d) Your present address

e) Respondent’s present address

f) Date of birth of the petitioner and respondent

g) If any children are through wedlock then their names and dates of birth

The time it May take Throughout the Divorce Process (Good Divorce Lawyer Near Me):

Once you file a Divorce petition yourself or through our Divorce lawyer (Good Divorce Lawyer Near Me) then the petition will be served to the respondent by the Family Court then the respondent must acknowledge it and send it back to the Court, and once it will be received by the Family Court then you can apply for a Conditional Order which was formally known as a Decree Nisi.

After the Conditional Order will be pronounced than after 6 weeks you can apply for a Final Order which was formally known as Decree Absolute.

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