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If you are facing a marital breakdown, it is natural to want to protect your assets and wonder about the financial cost this could have. The English courts are known for their generosity towards the financially weaker party, making it all the more important to have specialist legal representation from top divorce lawyers.

What if my spouse has an unrealistic view of what I am worth?

Spouses having inflated ideas about the value of assets is not uncommon in high-value divorces, especially where parties have had a high-spending lifestyle. This false perception of reality can prove costly for both parties. Where this is the case, full disclosure will be vital in demonstrating that there are no hidden assets while reassuring your spouse that everything has been done transparently. Equally important will be obtaining thorough valuations.

I am my spouse living in the same house, can I still divorce?

Yes, you can still divorce but you should not be cohabiting.

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