To satisfy our clients, we have opened this business to provide them with the highest level of service. Emphasis is placing on speed and efficiency. Our law firm has served the London community for 15 years, and we have earned the title of London’s Best Law Firm and Best Solicitors in London. For a firm to achieve these heights, a practical, down-to-earth approach must follow considerable experience in its sector. In addition to maintaining our professional integrity and establishing a reputation for quality, we ensure the interests of our clients are promoting. To help our clients achieve their financial goals, we carefully consider and research financial strategies. This way, we encourage clients to better understand our work by giving them a glimpse into our processes. In any area where we provide advice through services, we ensure that we do so ethically.

UK immigration and human rights lawyers, family law, criminal law (private), affidavits, change of name deeds, road traffic law, employment law, powers of attorney, and statutory declarations lawyers.

We are Immigration Solicitors with offices in London. The home office, immigration tribunals, upper tribunal field house, and the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court are available to them for advice and legal representation concerning immigration.

Asher and Tomar are renowned London family law solicitors experienced in obtaining non-molestation orders and occupation orders. A family court also hears applications for a financial arrangement order, a prohibited step order, and a residence order.

The Employment Law firm in Southall is among the best in the world. Other employment-related matters can also handle by our firm and handling settlement agreements and unfair and constructive dismissals.

We negotiate with landlords on matters such as section 21 notices for eviction, rent arrears, unlawful eviction, and tenancy breaches with help from experts in the field of housing. Our Criminal Law Solicitors provide legal advice concerning criminal law-assault, rape, murder, etc.-will.
In addition to serving the public since 2008, Asher & Tomar are also highly praised by clients, as evidenced by our online reviews on Google, Trustpilot, and Yell.

We provide and our online information and services. As part of our Immigration (Visa) services, we provide the following:
(1) Immigration Appeals
(2) Spouse Visa Appeals Our family solicitors have over a decade’s experience in helping clients with issues related to family law.

For over a decade our Family solicitors have been providing assistance to people just like you with Family law problems.

Property disputes range from residential property disputes to commercial property disputes

Our solicitors explain complex legal matters in plain English, ranging from residential property disputes to housing management

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Immigration Services
We provide the following Immigration (Visa) Services: a) Immigration Appeals

Employment Law
Providing Immigration (Visa) Services with a) Immigration Appeals Employment Law With all the changes to the “Goal Post,” employee benefits and rights are changing. 2 years of service is required before submitting an unfair termination claim.

Property Dispute
From residential property disputes to housing management to commercial property, our solicitors explain complex legal matters

Family Law
For over a decade our Family solicitors have been providing assistance to people just like you with Family law problems​

Landlord and Tenant Disputes
Landlord and Tenant disputes are quite common at this point of time, we specialize in these common disputes and our service​

Road Traffic Offence
We Understand being accused of a criminal offence is a stressful time and you may think that it’s impossible to defend yourself​