Parental rights and responsibilities mean all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities, and authority that by law a parent has in relation to the child and his property.

The form you need to fill in is C1 and FM1 as well, but FM1 can be exempted only on some exceptional circumstances.

For example: If you are the mother of a child but you were not married to the child’s father and were not named on the birth certificate when the child’s birth was registered and you want to be legally recognized as the child’s mother then you may apply for a parental responsibility order.

You need to file an application with your local family court, then the matter may be listed for the hearing. You can contact our team of expert Family Law Solicitors who have been serving since 2008.

If you are willing to apply for Parental Rights and Responsibilities then contact us at your earliest opportunity. Our team of expert family law solicitors has in-depth knowledge of parental responsibility orders.

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