• Six items of correspondence addressed to you and your late partner at the same address as evidence that you were living together as a couple since your last grant of leave as their partner until their death, such as letters, bills and other correspondence from official sources addressed to both or each of you.
  • The late partner’s death certificate
  • Declaration signed by the applicant to confirm consent for the Home Office to request verification checks
  • Current Biometric Residence Permit for the applicant
  • All previous passports, travel documents or national identity cards that you have used to travel to or remain in the UK

So if you have any question about Bereaved partner application (BEREAVED PARTNER APPLICATION-DOCUMENTS CHECKLIST) then do not hesitate to contact us.

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Solicitors expertise in Bereaved Partner Application

Our Solicitors have been advising, representing, submitting and assisting applicants who are looking to apply for a Bereaved Partner Application. If you Bereaved partner application will be refused then you can appeal the Secretary of State decision (Reasons of Refusal Letter-RFRL).

Immigration Appeal for Bereaved Partner Refusal

If the Home Office/UKVI has refuse your application then do not worry as you may be granted an appeal rights. You can either appeal on papers or go ahead with Oral appeal. The Tribunal fee of a paper appeal is £80.00 whilst £140.00 of an Oral (BEREAVED PARTNER APPLICATION-DOCUMENTS CHECKLIST).

If you go ahead with a Oral hearing you then need to attend the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal, however, mostly appeals are heard remotely since the outbreak of COVID 19.

If you wish any other witness to attend the hearing then you must notify it to the Home Office presenting officers unit as well as to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.