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Deportation Order

Deportation Order is a statutory power given to the Home Secretary under section 3(5) of the Immigration Act 1971.

The Secretary of State must make a deportation order in respect of a foreign criminal. 

Foreign Criminal means:

a) Who is not a British National 
b) Who is convicted of an Offence

A deportation Order can be made against the person who is sentenced to a period of imprisonment of 12 months or more.

The offence is specified by order of the Secretary of State under section 72(4) (a) of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 (c. 41) (serious criminal), and

1) The person is sentenced to a period of imprisonment.
2) For the purpose of section 3(5)(a) of the Immigration Act 1971 (c. 77), the deportation of a foreign criminal is conducive to the public good.

If you are made subject to the deportation order then you will be removed from the UK and a deportation Order will authorise your detention until you will be deported, if will further prohibit you to re-enter the country as long as it in force. A deportation Order will invalidate any leave to entre or remain in the UK given to you before the order was made, but there are exceptions to it as well.

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