Immigration Appeals & Solicitors In London

Immigration Appeals & Solicitors In London takes the case to court and ensures that the applicant gets his UK visa. Should you be refused a UK visa, do not worry. Best Solicitor in London, We will explain to you what your options are, including appealing, reapplying, petitioning, or asking for administrative review or judicial review.

The following reasons can be invoked in an appeal against UK immigration:

a) Visitor Visa: a sub-category that is further subdivided and is not well understood by clients.

1) General Visitor Visa: A person can apply for this type of visa on his own even without sponsorship to visit a country. You can apply for an administrative review if this type of visa has been refused by the entry clearance officer since general visitor visas are not eligible for an appeal through UK Immigration.

2) Family Visit Visa: The government has the right to refuse your family visit visa if there are some limited grounds for appeal, i.e. Human Rights grounds (Article 8).

b) Entry Clearance as a Spouse/Fiance: If your spouse visa or a fiancee visa In most cases, it makes more sense to re-apply if you are refused by the Entry Clearance Officer. However, if you are not cleared, you can appeal the decision.

c) Further Leave to Remain: leave to remain (remain in-country) won’t necessarily generate a UK Immigration appeal, but it’s all dependant on when you apply, as if no human rights engagements are made then you could have the option of administrative review or Judicial Review.

D) You will not be allowed to appeal a point-based system refusal; only an administrative review may be conducted.

Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 section 82 generally provides for the right to appeal

Benifits: Immigration Appeals & Solicitors In London

Applicants for UK Immigration appeal & solicitors in London at Asylum and Immigration Tribunal have the opportunity to explain and express concerns directly to the Immigration Judge orally, however, if you lodge a paper appeal, then the Immigration Judge will simply review the documentary evidence attached with your witness statement in the paginated bundle. Immigration appeal & solicitors in London are a part of the immigration appeal in London.

The following tips should be taken into account when choosing a lawyer to handle UK immigration appeals:

Using a solicitor is a big decision since not everyone has good advocacy skills and convincing an Immigration Judge will not be easy.

Since 2008, our team of expert immigration solicitors has been representing immigrants’ appeals all across the UK through Asylum and Immigration tribunals, and we rely heavily on referrals to get the work we do. For more info visit here.

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