In today’s world it hard for every single individual to buy a house either because they do not have the money or the lender is not willing to lend them, not much earning to get the Mortgage, therefore renting is increasing drastically.

There are several different types of tenancy that can be created and it is important to know the type of tenancy you are entering in to, as each can have differing systems for termination of the agreement.

The tenants must know their rights before signing any sort of tenancy agreement.

Tenant Rights:

a) A tenant has a right to peaceful enjoyment of the property and a landlord has only a reasonable access to carry out
repairs. S/he also has a right to enter the property to inspect the state of repair provided s/he gives at least 24
hours’ written notice.

b) As a tenant you can sue the landlord if the landlord is likely to make you leave the house or stop you exercising
your legal rights. This would include, for example, repeatedly disturbing you late at night or obstructing access
to the house, creating noise, disconnecting supplies of water, gas or electricity where the landlord knows that
this is likely to drive you out or discourage you from insisting on your legal rights.