Apply for Passport And Travel Document Applications an Overview:

You can apply for a document if you have claimed Asylum in the UK and wish to travel outside the UK if:

  • you are not British
  • you cannot use or get a passport from your country’s national authorities
  • your country’s national authorities cannot give you a new passport

Eligibility to Apply for a Travel Document

To apply you must be living in the UK as follows:

a) You have permission to stay as a refugee

b) you have permission to stay known as leave to remain or are settled in the UK such as indefinite leave to remain (ILR) and you were not able to obtain a passport or travel document from your country’s national authorities.

c) Applicant is not recognised as a citizen of any country.

Refugee travel document

You can apply for a refugee travel document if either:

  • you have refugee status in the UK
  • you originally came to the UK on a family reunion visa to join someone who has refugee status

Please note generally your travel document will be valid for 10 years if you are settled and granted Indefinite Leave to remain, however, if you have been granted leave to remain then it will be granted for 5 years.

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