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Immigration Applications:

a) UK Spouse visa

b) UK Tier 4 student visa

c) UK Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa

d) UK Tier 5 religious worker visa

e) UK Ancestry visa

f) UK visitor visa

g) UK elderly dependent visa

h) The UK Skilled worker visa

i) Sole representative visa

j) UK fiance visa

k) UK partner visa

l) PBS-dependent visa

m) Business visitor visa

n) Marriage visitor visa

o) Chi,d visitor visa

p) Entertainers visitor visa

q) Child visitor visa

r) Medical visitor visa

s) Sportsperson visitor visa

t) Indefinite leave to remain

u) Further leave to remain on the basis of family and private life, FLR (FP)

v) Graduate route visa

w) Asylum claim

x) Immigration appeals

y) Judicial Review

z) Pre-action protocol

Some of the visa applications do not generate the right of appeal therefore you can apply for administrative review and then Judicial Review.

If your application is refused with a right of appeal then you should avail the facility of appeal. You can either lodge an Oral appeal or a paper appeal. The court fee for an oral appeal is £140 and £80 for paper appeal.

If you are detained or any of your relatives are detained then do not worry and contact our Immigration Solicitor in Northolt who can advise you and can apply for bail.

An immigration bail can be applied to the chief immigration officer or the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. You need to have two sureties and they have to attend the court on the bail hearing day, normally these days the hearing is taking place remotely via teams or CVP, and they need to provide an address where you will be staying upon your release from the detention center.