Going in for a change of employment with a Tier 2 visa

All individuals in possession of a Tier 2 Visa and living in the UK are eligible to change employment. The candidate will need to apply for a certificate of sponsorship and possibly have a revaluation done through a PBS (Points Based System).

Tenure of a Work Permit

The length of a work permit can range from 1 day to 5 years at the prerogative of the sponsoring company. However, the tenure of the permit is ultimately decided by the home office. In many cases any work permit and changes in an employment application are regarded as a temporary visa service.

If an applicant has been residing in the UK for 5 years, they would have the opportunity to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or Permanent Residency. This can then lead on to applying for naturalization or British citizenship.

Defining the Criteria

The main criterion for an applicant changing their employment is whether they hold a NVQ at level 3 or above. They are also required to fulfill the following conditions before applying for a work permit in the UK.
Possessing a relevant degree.
1 year relevant experience if degree held is not relevant.
The position offered must be equivalent to a HND level qualification.
If HND qualification is non-relevant, the applicant needs to show at least one year’s relevant experience at NVQ level 3 or above.
3 years of relevant experience is considered if applicant does not possess a degree.