Apply Spouse Visa UK online from Inside or Outside the UK

The application is online even if you are applying from outside the Country. All the documentation needs to be uploaded online and you do not need to post the original documents to Home Office/UKVI/Entry Clearance Officer.

Apply Spouse Visa through Immigration Expert Solicitors Serving you since 2008.

If you are looking to APPLY SPOUSE VISA UK then do not worry and contact us immediately. Our immigration solicitors in london have in-depth knowledge of the recent changes in the Immigration Rules. If you are not a British or EEA national and you are married to someone who is a British Citizen or settled in the UK you will need a spouse visa if you want to join or remain in the UK with them.

The spouse visa is one of the most common visa applications dealt with by our settlement team. You can apply for a Spouse/Civil Partner visa from both inside and outside the UK depending on your immigration status in the UK.

The UK Marriage Visa or UK Spouse Visa in London allows a non-EU individual to move to the UK and live with their UK settled spouse. Not fulfilling all the immigration rules outlined for The UK Marriage

Visa can lead to the application being declined. Applicants must be cautious to fill in all relevant sections on their form correctly and ensure all conditions are fulfilled as applications can often be rejected on many different grounds.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You are 18 years or over 18 years old.
  • Your relationship to your family member (.i.e. your husband) is genuine and recognised in the UK, example your marriage is a recognised legal marriage in your country. Your marriage is subsisting
  • You intend to continue living with your family member or partner in the UK after you apply.
  • You and your family will have an adequate place to live in the UK-Immigration survey report of the house.
  • You further need to comply with the level of English, you must have to provide an English test result from the UK recognized body confirming your proficiency level in English.

Spouse Visa Processing Time

Normally, out of country spouse visa application will be decided within in a month after enrolling bio-metrics, but within the country it may take upto 6 months. The Home Office/UKVI will conduct necessary cheks before taking any decision on your spouse visa application.

Superpriority Service for Spouse Visa

Please note that you can avail of the facility of the superiority service and can get a decision on your spouse’s visa application within 2 days.

Refusal of A Spouse Visa

If your spouse visa application is refused by the caseworker acting on behalf of the secretary of state/UKVI/Home Office then do not worry as you would have been granted a right of appeal and the decision must be appealable.

Immigration Appeals for a Spouse visa UK

There are two ways to appeal the refusal of the spouse visa. One if through paper appeal and the second one is through Oral appeal.

Immigration Paper Appeal for a Spouse Visa: The Immigration and Asylum tribunal fee to lodge a paper appeal is £80.00 per appellant and has to be lodged online and it will be determined on papers only without a hearing.

Immigration Oral Appeal for a Spouse Visa: The Immigration and Asylum tribunal fee to lodge an Oral appeal is £140.00 per appellant and it has to be lodged online and will be heard either remotely or face to face. The sponsor as well as the appellant needs to attend the appeal hearing to give evidence.