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UK Visa refused, do not stress if your visa have been refused by the Home office or by the Entry Clearance officer 

If you have been granted the right of appeal then kindly contact our Immigration Expert Solicitors to advise you 

with the outcome of the same.

Immigration Appeals:

If you have been granted an appeal right then why you should not avail the opportunity and go ahead with the Immigration Appeals.

Where an immigration decision is made in respect of the person he may appeal to the Immigration & Asylum Tribunal

Please note that it says may and not must

Immigration Appeals:

  1. a)Spouse Visa Appeals-Immigration Appeals
  1. b) UK Visa Refused
  1. c) Tier 1 General Visa Refused-Immigration Appeals
  1. d) Tier 2 Visa Refused- Immigration Appeals
  1. e) Tier 4 Student Visa Refused- Tier 4 Appeals-Immigration Appeals
  1. f) Indefinite Leave to Remain-ILR Visa refused-Immigration Appeals
  1. g) Settlement Visa refused-Immigration Appeals
  1. h) Human Rights- FLR (FP) refused-Immigration Appeals
  1. i) EEA family permit refused-Immigration Appeals
  1. j) Elderly Dependent Visa Refused-Immigration Appeals
  1. k) Tier 2 Minister of Religion visa refused-Immigration Appeals
  1. l) Asylum Claim Refused-Immigration Appeals
  1. m) Dependent Visa Appeal-Immigration Appeals
  1. n) Civil Partner Appeal-Immigration Appeals
  1. o) Victim of Domestic Violence- SET DV refused- Immigration Appeals
  1. p) UK Ancestry Visa refused-Immigration Appeals
  1. q) Long Stay is refused-Immigration Appeals

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