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Administrative Review (AR) Against Refusal UK Visa As An Innovator Migrant

Administrative Review:

As you may be aware that if the Home Office or the case worker on behalf of the Secretary of state refused your visa application then you may not be granted the in-country right of appeal,

however under the point based system you may be granted a right to apply for Administrative Review.

Administrative Review (Overview):

Administrative review will consider whether an ‘eligible decision’ is wrong because of a case working error and, if it is, correct that error.

Administrative review is only available where an eligible decision has been made.

Who has the right to apply for an administrative review?

A person who makes an application on or after the relevant date and has received an ‘eligible decision’ may apply for an administrative review.

What is an Eligible decision:

Eligible decisions are those decisions which are made on:

a) in UK Tier 4 applications made by either a main applicant or their dependant(s) on or after 20 October 2014

b) in UK Tiers 1, 2 or 5 applications made by either a main applicant or their dependant(s) on or after 2 March 2015, including indefinite leave to remain applications under those routes

c)in UK applications where the decision was made on or after 6 April, unless the applicant applied as a visitor or made a protection or human rights claim

and for which the outcome is that the application is either:

a) Refused

b) Approved and a review is requested of the period or conditions of leave granted.

Administrative Review Fees:

To apply for administrative review you need to pay a fee of £80.00

What is the time limit for apply for Administrative Review:

If your visa have been refused within the UK , then you have 14 calendar days from the date the applicant receives the notice.

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