A UK Spouse Visa in London is a person’s husband or wife. They should be lawfully married, and the marriage should be a registered marriage.

Spouse Visa

UK Spouse Visa is defined under chapter 8 family member of the Immigration Directorate Instructions. It entitles an overseas spouse to come and join his partner-husband/wife who is settled in the United Kingdom or holds permanent settlement (someone living in the UK needs a UK spouse visa in London lawfully without any restrictions or limitations on their stay).


  • The couple must be over 18 years old.
  • This step prevents arranged marriages by requiring you to have met.
  • Living together unendingly is a must.
  • To qualify for public assistance, you must support yourself (and any dependents) without government assistance.
  • It would be best to be sponsored by someone who earns at least £18,600 per year or has sufficient savings. Sponsors of children who are dependent on them must meet higher financial requirements.
  • If you have a spouse and any dependents, you must have suitable accommodation.
  • You must have good English skills.

Initially, you can get a spouse visa for 2.5 years, and it can be further extended if you comply with the spouse visa requirements now as they may change. 

Income Threshold:

For employed persons: If you are relying on your employment, then you must provide six months’ payslips, six months’ bank statement, and a current letter from your employer confirming your spouse is still in permanent employment. 

For self-employed persons: If you are self-employed, you must provide 12 months bank statement, SA302 from HMRC, and a letter from your accountant confirming you are self-employed.UK spouse visa in London

You may be excepted to undertake an English test if your mental condition allows you to study as you go through depression, stress, and anxiety. Therefore, you need to provide a doctor’s letter confirming her mental condition is not good enough to undertake the English test.

What is the process for applying for a spouse visa?

An application can be made inside or outside the United Kingdom for a spouse visa.

You might be able to switch to a spouse visa if you entered the UK on a fiance visa, one of the three categories of work visas, or a student visa that has been valid for over six months.

The application takes how long?

On average, UKBA takes 2 – 12 weeks to process a spouse visa application from the moment we submit it to them. Each country has its own processing time. for more info click here.

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