Previous Earnings (Tire 1)

The tire 1 visa is specifically designed to allow talented professionals from outside the European Union to come to the UK and contribute to the country’s economy. One of the most important advantages of this visa is that the migrants entering the UK do not need a prior job offer from a sponsor in the UK and candidates are free to seek employment anywhere in the UK. The tire 1 visa is a point based system and the candidate has to score 80 points to qualify for this visa. If an applicant scores the required points, they are granted permission to stay in the UK for an initial period of 3 years which can further be extended.

How are the earnings calculated?

One of the categories of the points based system assessment is the applicant’s previous earnings and points are awarded accordingly. The previous earnings are calculated by converting non-sterling currency to sterling and that is then converted to points while taking into account the difference in the level of earnings between various countries. The difference is converted by using an uplift ratio with different countries having different uplift ratios based on factors like per capita income. As the capacities of earnings in the countries vary, the slabs of awarding the points also vary accordingly for UK immigration. Points are awarded as below slabs:

150,000 or above = 75 points
75,000-149,999 = 45 points
65,000-74,999 = 40 points
55,000-64,999 = 35 points
50,000-54,999 = 30 points
40,000-49,999 = 25 points
35,000-39,999 = 20 points
30,000-34,999 = 15 points
25,000-29,999 = 5 points

The point based system is specifically designed by UKBA so that applicants can score the maximum points based on their performance in various areas of assessment. An older candidate can lose points in terms of age but can gain more points with their previous earnings whereas a younger applicant can score high in the age category but lower in previous earnings if they are not yet established in their career.