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UK Visa Refused Appeal Now

If your Uk visa is refused then do not worry and avail the facility of Appeal, mostly if you have merits then the Learned Immigration Judge will determine the Appeal in your Favour.

Types of Immigration Appeals

There are two sort of appeals:

a) Oral Appeal: The Court fee to lodge an Oral Appeal is £140.00

b) Paper Appeal: The Court fee to lodge a Paper Appeal is £80.00 and it will be determined on papers with you being attending the Tribunal to give evidence.

Can I lodge an Appeal from Outside the UK-Out of Country Immigration Appeal:

Yes, you can lodge an Immigration Appeal from outside the UK, only if the refusal generates a right of appeal, such as Spouse Visa Refusal Appeal, Adult Dependent Refusal Immigration Appeal, Fiancée Visa Refusal Immigration Appeal and so on.

In Country Immigration Appeal:

If you visa is refused within the country then you will mostly be allowed an in-country appeal rights, but in the case of Student Visa Refusal-Tier 4 refusal.

Human Rights Appeal Article 8

If your application raise Human Rights claim which was not taken into consideration by the Home Office/UKVI then you must appeal the decision of the Home Office/UKVI, so that the decision can be overturned only after appeal will be allowed in your favour.

Immigration Appeal Against Spouse Visa Refusal:

Mostly the spouse visa gets refused as the person was either unable to comply with the English Language requirement due to his/her medical condition or the Home Office/ Entry Clearance Officer/UKVI states that the marriage is not subsisting. In either case you should appeal the reason of refusal decision and counter the Home Office/UKVI/Entry Clearance Officer points at the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal.

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