Basically, a General Visitor Visa UK is known as the Standard Visitor Visa UK and it will be granted for 6 months.

Activities you can do on a Visitor Visa UK

You can visit the UK for tourism, business, study (courses up to 6 months), and other permitted activities, it will be granted for 6 months but you may be able to apply to stay longer in exceptional circumstances such as to get medical treatment.

Why Contact us to Apply for a General Visitor Visa UK

Our team of expert Immigration Solicitors in London will assist and advice you with the following:

a) Documentation you must provide

b) Draft a sponsorship declaration on your behalf

c) Submitting an online application form

d) liaising with the Home Office/UKVI

e) Updating you with any information or decision received from the Home Office/UKVI

What You Cannot Do on a Visitor Visa

a) No recourse to public funds

b) Cannot undertake a paid employment

c) No free medical treatment only on exceptional circumstances.

Please note now the application is online and you are not supposed to send the original documentation to the Home Office/UKVI or to the Entry Clearance Officer.

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Should you wish to apply for this visa then do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest opportunity.

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