Investor Visa

Foreign nationals who wish to invest a substantial amount of money in the UK can apply for the Investor visa to migrate to the UK. This will benefit the UK not only in terms of the money it will bring into the country but also the possible job opportunities it will provide. In order to encourage investor visa applicants, the UK government has removed many of the general requirements that apply to other Tier 1 visa categories.

Investor Visa Extension

Successful applicants are initially permitted to stay for a period of 3 years which they can extend by a further 2 years so that they have sufficient time to study the market and invest in the most appropriate business. Applicants applying for an extension are assessed on a points based system. They must fulfill one of the following criter

30 points are awarded if the applicant has a minimum of £1 million of their own money that is disposable in the UK.
30 points are awarded if the applicant has personal assets to the value of at least £2 million without any liabilities.
If the applicant has a loan of £1 million minimum under their control, it must be taken out with an FSA regulated loan provider.

Applicants must fulfill all of the below criteria for Investor visa extension:

Applicants must invest a minimum of £750,000 through UK government bonds, share capital or investment capital in active UK companies. The companies should not be involved in property investment nor is depositing money in a bank or building society considered an investment.

The investment must have been made within 3 months of obtaining the investor visa and must be maintained throughout the duration of the visa. Please call Asher Tomar Solicitor Visas today for free assessment.