Apply for an Entertainer Visitor Visa UK, if you wish to come to the UK for a short time period to take part in a music festival, arts festival, charity event, or something of the like.

Eligibility Requirements for Entertainer Visitor Visa UK

Genuinely seeking entry as a general visitor for a limited period as stated by the applicant and not exceeding 6 months.

  1. Must Intention to leave at the end of the period of stay as stated on the visa
  2. No intention of taking any paid employment in the UK
  3. You must have no intention of selling goods or providing services in the UK
  4. You must have no intention of undertaking any type of course of study.
  5. You just prove that you will be able to maintain yourself financially and accommodate any dependents that they have without using public funds.
  6. Applicant must be 18 years or over 18 years old
  7. The applicant has no intention of marrying or entering into a civil partnership whilst in the UK

You can come to the UK on an Entertainer Visa if you are;

  • An entertainer
  • From outside the EEA or Switzerland
  • Meet all relevant eligibility requirements

You must show that you are coming to the UK;

  • To take part in a performance either individually or in a group
  • Taking part in a music competition
  • To perform at a major permit-free listed festival 
  • To be part of the technical support staff of the person with the Entertainer Visa
  • As a professional part of the entourage i.e stage manager
  • As an Internationally famous person taking part in a free broadcast or performance

What you can do on an Entertainer Visa

a) You are not allowed to receive payment for any other work excluding performing at a permit-free listed festival.

b) If you wish to come to the UK for a paid performance then you will have to apply for a Tier 5 temporary work visa.

Visit Visas should be applied 3 months before intended travel and a decision on your application should be made within 3 weeks, you can check the guide processing times here.

The Visa is valid for up to 6 months or up to 1 year if you are on an academic visitor visa. You can extend your visa for a maximum of 1,2, 5 or 10 years as long as each stay does not exceed 6 months.

Those traveling on this visa can bring family members, but they must apply on a child visitor visa or a general visit visa.