Citizens of the European Economic Area and Switzerland

Why choose UK as the intended destination?.

An essential member of the European Economic Area, UK has always permitted nationals of other member countries to freely enter the UK. It also permits any EEA nationals who resides or is considering residing in the UK to sponsor any dependents like a child, fiancé, parent or even an unmarried partner to come to the UK.

What to expect from the visa process?

Any EEA (Citizens of the European Economic Area) citizen coming to the UK would need to adhere to a set of rules outlined by the UKBA. The process covers a range of areas which are listed below:

Responsibilities and rights: It outlines the rights and responsibilities of EEA and Swiss nationals who desire to come to the UK to visit, for a long-term stay or for work purposes.

Submitting the application form: Applicants are instructed how they and their immediate family members can apply for any registration rights and residence cards to confirm a right of residence under current European laws. This section also explains how an individual can confirm permanency of their residency in the UK after 5 years in the UK.

Worker Registration Scheme (WRS): The WRS has been specifically developed for citizens from Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. These nationals are advised how they can register with the UKBA and get guidelines on employment in the UK.

Bulgarian and Romanian nationals: Without prior authorization from UKBA any nationals from these countries are unable to work in the UK. It is advisable that all Bulgarian and Romanian nationals have a good understanding of all terms and conditions attached to their visas, especially with regards to employment.

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