Getting the Immigration process for children up and running. The general age criterion for them to enter the UK is 18 years. The age threshold is raised to 21 years old. Children belonging to this age group are permitted to accompany their parents to the UK but only as dependents and do not have an independent family of their own.

The conditions for immigration vary and further issues would need to be addressed where the parents are separated, divorced or have joint custody of the children. Issues can also arise if a foreign national does not have sole custody of a child and lacks the evidence to prove to entry clearance officials that they have the consent from the other parent for the child to leave their home country.

All persons who are wishing to migrate to the UK will first need to determine into which category their child falls:

Children dependent on a person who is settled in the UK All children who have parents settled in the UK would be able to join them under this category and also obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

Children dependent on an individual who has limited leave to remain in the UK Many of the long-term visas under UK immigration rules allow candidates below the age of 18 years to enter the UK.

Children depending on an EEA national exercising EC treaty rights in the UK are permitted to join their parents in the UK. This is valid for all children up to the age of 21years who are not married or do not have their own independent families.

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