Child Contact Order Solicitors in Staines, (United Kingdom)

The child contact order solicitors in Staines provide guidance and support to handle the issues encountered when making a child contact Order application. We request you to contact our team of solicitors of family Law. if you are seeking solicitors to help you with Minor contact orders in London.

Process for Child Contact Orders

To have communication with your child or children, you can submit an Order relating to the child contact application to the court and the form you must fill in is C100. If you wish to submit a request for contact with your children, first of all, you need to notify your ex that you want to initiate contact with your child, either direct or supervised contact, but if he or she won’t agree, then you will need to contact a mediator or instruct a Solicitor to represent you.

Solicitors in London offering Child Contact Orders

We can represent your child’s contact application in a family court and can represent your first hearing for a dispute resolution appointment or a fact finding hearing but should you wish then we can engage a barrister upon your instructions to represent the hearing. The Solicitors of family law will encourage you to at least have indirect or supervised contact if you have a criminal record or have been convicted of domestic violence.

Since 2008, we have been offering Child Contact Orders. London is home to our head office (Solicitors of family law in Southall) and Cardiff is home to our branch office.

Mediation must be conducted before you can ask a court for a Minor contact order.

Our team of expert Child contact order solicitors has dealt with lots of child contact order applications throughout the UK, whether it is in Wales or England.