You can apply for a Business Visitor Visa UK if you are willing to come to the UK to undertake short-term business activities.

On a business visitor visa, UK you can attend meetings, which include conferences and interviews that have been pre-arranged before you come to the UK.

Business Visitor Visa UK duration

Please note that Business Visitor Visa UK now falls under the “Standard Visitor Visa” and it will be granted for 6 months during this person you may be allowed multiple entries.

To apply for the Business Visitor Visa, the applicant must be able to show that they want to visit the United Kingdom for not more than six(6) months and solely to carry out business activities. Applicants must need to prove that he/she can support themselves and any dependents financially.

Visa National and Non-Visa National Applicants

Applicants who are visa nationals need to apply for a visa before they plan to arrive in the UK, however, non-visa applicants can apply to enter the UK at the port of entry and must satisfy the Immigration Office of their intentions.

Visa Conditions

a) No recourse to public funds

b) Must leave the UK before the expiry of the visa

c) No intention to work (excluding student visitors

Bio-Metric enrolment for a Business Visitor Visa UK

Once you apply for this visa then you need to enroll your bio-metrics at the Visa Facilitation service otherwise your application will not be decided once a decision will be made then they will either call you or drop you an email which you may have provided within your application form. You must get your medical insurance in place as you will not be entitled for a free treatment by NHS (but only in exception).

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