The benefits of UK Marriage Visa or Spouse Visa allows a non-EU individual to move to the UK and live with their UK settled spouse. Not fulfilling all the immigration rules outlined for The UK Marriage Visa can lead to the application being declined. Applicants must be cautious to fill in all relevant sections on their form correctly and ensure all conditions are fulfilled as applications can often be rejected on many different grounds.

How a person can qualify for a UK Marriage Visa?

Qualifying conditions are:

The married couple must both be at least 18 years old
Have met and known each other previously
Legally married
Must intend to live together permanently
Must be financially stable and able to support themselves and any dependents without the use of public funds
Be in possession of suitable accommodation

Benefits of UK Marriage Visa (Spouse Visa)

The UK Marriage Visa (benefits of UK Marriage Visa) allows an applicant to bring their spouse to the UK if they have settled status in the UK. Settled status means they are living in the UK lawfully with no restrictions on the length of time they can remain in the country.

Once the Marriage Visa is approved, the applicant can stay and work in the UK without need for applying for a UK work permit. There are no restrictions on the type of employment undertaken by a Marriage Visa holder.

An applicant can obtain permanent status to live in the UK. Once this is granted, the candidate becomes eligible to apply for British Citizenship.

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