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Age (Tier 1 Visa)

The Tier 1 General Visa is applicable for highly skilled migrants who are seeking employment options or wishing to be self-employed in the UK. The applicants of Tier 1 Visas are allotted points based on different attributes which include salary, age and qualifications. The candidate is required to score at least 75 points for the primary attributes and a further 10 points for having adequate funds for maintenance and be able to speak English. This is the only independent visa where the candidate has to prove his or her own capabilities and does not require sponsorship offers from an employer in the UK. Once the candidate scores the required points and becomes eligible for the visa, they are permitted to work freely provided the field is relevant and he or she is willing to stay in the UK for a specified period of time.

Applicants are also awarded points based on their present age at the time of application. No points are given if the applicant is above 39 years of age but the candidate can score points based on other categories such as qualifications and previous earnings in order to make up the required 75 points. It is therefore recommended not to delay the visa application if the candidate is about to become 39 years of age as the eligibility criteria is constantly changing.

The points allocated to a candidate according to their age group are listed below: Under 30 years = 20 points

30 to 34 years = 10 points

35 to 39 years = 5 points

The point based system is specifically designed so that candidates can acquire the points reliant on different assessment areas and their own performance.

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