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Entry Clearance Turkish ECAA Businessperson

If you want to start-up your business in United Kingdom and you are a Turkish citizen, you can come to UK by applying under the Turkish ECAA business category. 
In order to qualify for Turkish ECAA business person you must show that you have sufficient funds in your account before travel to the UK and have a proposed business plan. You will be able to bear share the cost of running the business and the profits generated out of the business is enough to support your dependents (dependants include your wife or civil partner and child under 18yrs of age)who travel with you to the UK without you needing you to find another job to be able to stay in UK.
If you want to join an existing partnership or company, you will have to show genuine need for your investment and you have an active part in it.
Successful applicant will be provided a period of 12 months of visa and the outcome of your application will be within 12 weeks if you apply from outside the UK.
There is no visa fee for this category.

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