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visitor For Private Medical Treatment

Visitor for Private Medical Treatment-Visit visa for private medical Treatment

If you intend to come down to the UK for a private medical treatment then you need to apply for the standard visitor visa as this visa has replaced several short term visitor visas categories including the Private medical treatment visitor visa.

Under UK private medical treatment visitor visa, you can avail private medical treatment at your own cost as you will not be able to receive treatment from the National Health Services (NHS).
The requirements for a Standard visitor visa for private medical treatment are:
a) You must be genuinely seeking entry into the UK for the purpose of private medical treatment.

b) Leave the UK after your treatment.

c) You must be able to accommodate yourself and dependents without using public funds.

d) Meet the cost of the return or onward journey

e) You must satisfy the medical inspector that if you have any communicable disease it is not a danger to public health.

In addition to the above you must produce satisfactory evidence of the following:
1) The medical condition which requires consultation or treatment.

2) Arrangements for the consultation or treatment at your own expense.

3) The estimated costs for the consultation or treatment.

4) The possible duration of your visit to the UK.

5) You have sufficient funds available in the UK to meet the estimated costs and you undertake to do so.

You must not do the following:
i) Take employment
ii) Produce goods or provide services within the UK
iii) Intend to marry or form a civil partnership
iv) Intend to undertake a course of study 
v) Be in transit to a country outside the common travel area
vi) Do any activities of a business, sports or entertainer visitor

Judicial Review against the refusal of a private medical treatment visitor visa:

As there is no appeal right, therefore, the only remedy available to challenge the refusal letter is by way of Judicial Review.

To initiate a Judicial Review the primary step is to write to the litigation team of the home office about your intention, which you can do by way of pre-action protocol (letter before action), until you do that then the Asylum and Immigration Upper Tribunal Judge may not entertain your Judicial Review application, Judicial Review should be lodged within 90 days from the date of the refusal letter.

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