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If your visa is refused without the right of appeal then still you can either apply for administrative review or Pre Action Protocol.


If your UK Visitor visa is refused then you can apply for pre-action protocol. You can attached the evidence which you would have submitted with the application. The most credible evidence would you be your ties with your country of origin, such as you have a property in Philippines and relatives such as your children or siblings. Secondly, the Entry Clearance Officer must be satisfied with the source of income and recent deposit will create a suspicion and it will result in the refusal of your visitor visa.

Pre-Action Protocol against UK Visitor Visa

Pre-action protocol letter should stated why the decision of the Entry Clearance Office is incorrect and you must quote the prevailing law as well as the credible evidence on which you will be relying and must state that you will be seeking a response within 14 days.

For instance if the Home Office litigation team do not over turn the decision even after you file a pre-action protocol then do not worry and then you can apply for Judicial Review, but make sure you should file Judicial Review within three months from the date of refusal letter.

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