If your UK marriage visa has been refused then do not worry and contact us immediately our Immigration Solicitors have in-depth knowledge of

Immigration Rules and law.

UK Marriage Visa Refused Outside the United Kingdom (UK)

If you have made an Application to the Entry Clearance officer at any of the British High Commission and your marriage visa got refused then, first of all, you must read a refusal letter as the second page of the refusal letter says whether you have got full right of appeal or limited rights of appeal.

Through our previous experience, we have noticed that a significant number of applicants face the refusal due to the error or omission of the Entry Clearance Officer who are unable to consider the documentary evidence provided on the Balance of Probabilities.

Marriage Visa Refused Inside the United Kingdom (UK)

If you or your Marriage visa application have been refused by the Secretary of State within the United Kingdom then you may get a full right of appeal, if you wish to appeal against the decision of the Secretary of State then we humbly request you to kindly forward us your refusal letter. Once we receive your notice of refusal letter then we will assess your case and professional solicitors will advise with the merits and demerits of the entire case.

Please be advised that you can either lodge:

  1. a) Oral appeal: which will cost £140.00 for every single applicant (just to lodge an appeal tribunal fees)
  2. b) Paper appeal: it will cost you £80.00 for every single applicant (just to lodge an appeal tribunal fess)

Benefits of a UK Immigration Appeal:

  1. a) The possibility of the UK Marriage visa being granted
  2. b) You can convince the Judge in person at the time of the hearing
  3. c) Sometimes cheaper than making a fresh application