Transfer of property in London (Expert team of Conveyancing Solicitors) 

Transfer of property requires expertise that is why our major conveyancing work generates from references. 

Our Transfer of property solicitors in London hold experience of over 15 years, so if you are willing to sell your property, transfer of property, buy property at auction (cash buyer), buy a property in cash, new lease, assignment of lease, an extension of the lease, then feel free to contact our team of property law solicitors.

Please be aware we cannot act for the Lender as we are not on the panel of Lenders but if you are buying cash and can comply with the anti-money laundering checks then we can certainly act on your behalf as per your instructions. 

We are committed to completing the transaction within three to four weeks but moreover, it depends upon the response we receive from the other party solicitors. 

We pride ourselves on delivering the best service to our clients.

We do certify your identity and the form you need to fill it is ID1 from, however, for transfer of property it is TR1 from which needs to lodge with the Land registry via an online portal.

 Our firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and we have been serving you since 2008.

Asher and Tomer lawyers have expertise in the transfer of property in London

We can assist you when transferring equity in a property, such as after a divorce settlement or decreasing your estate’s size.

The current lender needs to obtain prior approval for transferring equity, which can be obtained if the house has a mortgage. After receiving lender approval and instructions, we will draft and send you a transfer deed for your signature, which formally affects the transfer of property ownership at the Land Registry. It may be difficult for you to go through the transfer of equity process, just like any other legal process.

The amount being paid and the existing mortgage may determine whether stamp duty land tax is payable on home equity transfers. If this arises, our property lawyers will be able to assist you accordingly. After you and your lender have executed the transfer deed, we will obtain any additional funds needed for the final stage of the transaction.

After completion, our transfer of equity solicitors will apply to the Land Registry to register the property’s new ownership. In turn, we will provide official Land Registry confirmation to you after the Land Registry completes the registration.

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