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Switching Into Spouse Visa UK (5 Years Route)

If you are married to a British National/British Citizen or a person present and settled in the UK, then you can apply for switching into Spouse Visa UK, but you need to meet the eligibility criteria as stated under the Immigration Rules Appendix FM.

Requirements to be met for Switching into Spouse Visa

If you intend to switch into UK Spouse visa within the county then you should meet the main requirements:
a) Evidence to prove that you are in genuine relationship with the sponsor;
b) Must meet the financial requirement as set out in Appendix FM
c) Adequate accommodation
d) English language requirement
e) Suitability criteria

Which applicant can switch into UK Spouse Visa under 5 Years Route 

If you as an applicant are in the UK with leave to remain which was originally granted for a period of more than six months and you are married to:
a) A British Citizen/British National
b) A person with indefinite leave to remain
c) A person with refugee status
d) A person granted a humanitarian protection

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