Fiance visa (UK) falls under the family visa route of the Immigration Rules of the United Kingdom.

The fiancé visa will be granted to overseas applicants who intend to get married to come to the United Kingdom in order to get married in the UK. A fiance visa (UK) will be granted for 6 months and within six months you must get married in the UK, after you get married you can then apply for the UK Spouse Visa which entitles you to work and live in the United Kingdom for 2.5 years initially and then you can further extend it for another 2.5 years.

Once you will complete 5 years on a spouse visa you will then qualify to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom.

UK Fiance Visa Requirements

a) Relationship is genuine

b) Your partner must be a British Citizen or a settled person in the UK

c) You have sufficient funds to support yourself/partner

d) Intention to get married within 6 months after been granted fiancé visa

e) If either of you is previously married then you should attach a divorce Certificate/decree absolute.

f) You must be earning £18600.00

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