We have noted that the dominating reason for refusal with regards to the entrepreneur visa applications are:

  1. a) Unprofessional business plan
  1. b) Below NQF level 4
  1. c) Advertisement not specifically covering the appropriate level.
  1. d)  Lack of documentary evidence enclosed with the application form
  1. e) Can not able to answer the question at the time of an interview.

If your Entrepreneur visa got refused refused then you can re-apply or apply for Administration Review (AR) or challenge the decision

by way of Judicial Review (JR).

If you intent to challenge the decision of the secretary of State then first of you have to exhaust your rights by applying for Administration Review

and if the Secretary of State refuses to turn down the decision you can then apply for Judicial Review, however you need to file a Pre-Action Protocol

letter and provide 14-21 days to the Treasury Solicitors to respond to the Pre-Action Protocol only then you can file a Judicial Review(JR) application

at Field House Immigration and Asylum Upper Tribunal. You need to apply for Judicial Review (JR) within 90 days once you receive your initial refusal letter.