Duration of UK Marriage Visa

A UK spouse visa or marriage visa enables the husband, wife or civil partner of a UK citizen to enter the enter the country to be with their spouse. The length of time the foreign national is permitted to stay in the UK depends on aspects such as the length of the relationship, where the couple are currently residing, etc.

Dependent children are also included under the marriage visa. Applicants will need to file an application for the dependents at the same time as applying for the marriage visa.

Applicants must also obtain entry clearance before entering the UK on a marriage visa.

Requirements of the marriage visa

The couple must be in a legal married relationship with each other or be in a civil partnership. They must know each other i.e. have previously met.

They live together.
The couple must be financially stable and able to support themselves and any dependents without requiring public funds.
Have satisfactory accommodation for themselves and any dependants.

Time duration of the Marriage Visa

Initially the marriage visa is issued for two years. After the completion of two years, if the couple are still married and living together, the foreign national partner is eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK. If the coupe have been married for at least 4 years and have been living together outside the UK during this time, they can qualify to directly apply for ILR at the time as applying for the marriage visa.

If an applicant receives ILR on the basis of their marriage to a UK citizen, they become eligible to apply for British citizenship, also known as British naturalization.