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Divorce on the Basis of Unreasonable Behaviour

The breakdown of every relationship is stressful and emotional as both the parties suffer a lot, however, the most common ground of divorce is unreasonable behaviour.

Divorce on the basis of Unreasonable Behaviour is largely used in the UK as unreasonable behaviour is a quick and easy way to end the marriage, otherwise, the parties have to wait for 2 years and apply under 2 years separation on mutual consent.

Most common reasons of Unreasonable Behaviour:

  1. Domestic abuse: Controlling, threatening and intimidating behaviour or the respondent is physically violent towards the petitioner.


  1. Family disputes: Where the respondent always blames the petitioner family and do not intend to talk to the petitioner’s family.


  1. Financial Dispute: The respondent has stopped co-operating with the petitioner financially and stop helping in contributing towards the household shopping.


  1. Drunkenness: Where the respondent has developed a habit of excessive drinking which causes stress to the petitioner.


To initiate the divorce on the basis of Unreasonable behaviour you need to write own the behaviour allegations of the respondent and submit it with the divorce petition.

Why Choose Asher & Tomar Solicitors:

Our team of expert Family Law Solicitors based in London and Cardiff can advise and represent your complex family law matter (divorce on the basis of unreasonable behaviour) at every stage, filling in the divorce petition form, drafting the statement as per your instructions, if required then representing you at the family court.

Should you instruct us to engage a barrister then upon your instructions we can able to engage a Barrister as well.

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