If you wish to apply for a child contact order or if you are going through to a children matter then feel free to contact our team of expert Family Law Solicitors in London.

Parental Responsibility Order:

If you are a biological father or mother then you can apply for a parental responsibility order, you must fill in form C1 but you need to go through mediation and fill in form FM1, however you can apply for exemption on special or exemptional circumstances.

Child Contact Order/Children Matter:

If you want to apply for a child contact order then you must fill in form C100 form but you should write to the other party about your proposal that what sort of contact do you want with your child or children and if the person do not agree then you can submit a C100 form with the family court however you have to contact mediation services.

Our Family Law Solicitors have dealt of lots of C100 applications and represented applicants at the family courts.

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