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Can i Register A Child

Can I register a child under 18 as a British Citizen?

There are several ways in which a child can register as a British citizen. Depending on the child’s circumstances, they can apply for British citizenship through discretion or entitlement. If a child has the right to apply for British citizenship under the British Nationality Law, they can obtain citizenship through entitlement. If a child does not have the right to apply under British Nationality Law, it is then solely at the discretion of the UKBA whether the child can be registered as a citizen. In these situations, the UKBA will consider each case individually and decide whether the circumstances of the child make them eligible to be registered as a British citizen. It is therefore recommended that each applicant provides as much evidence as possible to support their case.

It has been known that some families register some of their children with entitlement and some without. When applying, the family may opt to register children who have an entitlement to British citizenship if other types of applications have proved unsuccessful. However, doing this will mean the children will have different types of nationalities.

Essential Requirements for Registration
– As well as being required to meet certain sections of the British Nationality Act, there are also certain conditions that must be observed before registering as a British citizen. – The child must be under the age of 18 on application Considered to be of good character if they are 10 years or older on the date of application
– Candidates over 18 years of age will need to apply for naturalization or British citizenship in the capacity of an adult. Children who automatically become British citizens are not required to register.

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