What is a bail against deportation/deportation Order?

deportation order empowers the secretary of state to deport the person from the UK, the foreign criminals are subjected to deportation order.

Deportation Order also prohibits a person from re-entering the country for as long as it is in force.

It further invalidates any leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom given to him before the Order is made or while it is in force.

The circumstances in which a person is liable to deportation include:

  1. (i) where the Secretary of State deems the person’s deportation to be conducive to the public good;
  2. (ii) where the person is the spouse or civil partner or child under 18 of a person ordered to be deported; and
  3. (iii) where a court recommends deportation in the case of a person over the age of 17 who has been
  4.  convicted of an offence punishable with imprisonment.

You can apply for revocation of deportation Order and apply for bail against deportation if the Home Office has violated your Human rights Article 8.

If you have a family such as wife or a partner with whom you have been living for more than 2 years or you have British child then we can able to get your deportation order stayed.

We have dealt with lots clients who were served with the deportation order however our Immigration Expert Solicitors were able to get is stayed through Injunction/Urgent JR application to the Upper Tribunal.

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