If your UK Ancestry Visa is refused and you intent to apply for an administrative review (administrative review UK Ancestry Visa Refusal) then feel free to contact our expert team of Immigration Solicitors.

If the Entry Clearance Officer has refused your UK Ancestry Visa then you can apply for administrative review, however even if the Entry Clearance Officer or the Entry Clearance Manager still maintains the decision then we can apply for Judicial Review.

Normally, the Entry clearance office or Entry Clearance Manager hardly overturn the decision on administrative review ( administrative review UK Ancestry Visa Refusal) and do not grant the right of appeal as the right of appeal are limited and only available to the application which relates to human rights claims, therefore the only option left is of Judicial Review.

To initiate a Judicial Review proceedings against the refusal of UK ancestry visa one must draft and sent a pre action protocol letter (letter before intention) to the Litigation team of the Home Office.