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Switching Turkish ECAA Businessperson Visa

All the eligibility requirements remain the same as entry clearance and you have to apply by using ECAA 2 Turkish Businessperson application form.
You are already in UK legally and not running a business which is not allowed on your visa.
Decision from the Home office will depend on the no of factors including that the person has a genuine interest and  will be able to use his own assets towards establishing his business and can bear his liabilities himself. He can support his dependent family members with the share of profits incurred from the business.
A person will be granted a extension on the same visa if he is appropriately following the conditions which was initially admitted by the UK government and he has his yearly accounts in place.
You can extend your visa after 12 months and can get a permission to stay for another 3 years but still will not be allowed to take up employment at this time..If you have not filed your proper tax returns , you may be allowed to stay only for a year and you have to keep renewing the visa till your tax return are up to date.

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