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Essential Requirements for obtaining Investor Visa or for Switching to Investor Visa

Investor visa applicants are exempt from many essential requirements that must be fulfilled in other visa categories. This visa is designed only for investment purposes in the UK so applicants are not required to be involved in any work. Therefore, applicants do not need to meet the English proficiency or financial self sufficiency requirements. Nor are they required to have a sponsor prior to coming to the UK.

Like other tier 1 visas, Investor visa applicants also need to obtain a minimum of 75 points in the points based system assessment. Whether an applicant is making an initial application or they are switching to the Investor visa from another visa category, they can obtain the 75 points by fulfilling one of the following criteria:

If they have £1 million of their own money that is held in a regulated UK financial institution and disposable to the UK.

If they have personal asset worth £2 million that is without any liabilities.

If they have at least £1 million under their control that is held in a regulated UK financial institution. This can also be a loan amount taken from an institution regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

On fulfillment of the criteria, candidates from tier 1, tier 2 or tier 4 visas can switch to an Investor visa. However, candidates currently on a tier 3, tier 5 or Working Holiday visa are not eligible to switch to this visa category.

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