Same Day Visa Service-PEO (Premium) Appointments/Slots
Dear readers please note that we are on the legal representative list of Solihull, Cardiff, Croydon, Sheffield and Liverpool (waiting list), being so we can able to get the slot allocated for you for next week itself.
If you approach us this week then we can able to get the slots for you next, we charge an initial deposit of £150.00, “Be aware-once the slot will be allocated and you pulls our then we will retain the entire deposit money, however if in case we fail to get the slot allocated for you as per your expectations then we will return the Entire Deposit money”, we will not even charge you anything.
Furthermore, be advised that the slots is on the basis of first come first service basis, and we require the following information/details of the applicant and dependents if any.
> Full name
> Gender
> D.O.B
> Nationality
> Address
> Contact Number
> Current Visa & Its Expiry Date
So to book your slot you can either call us or just drop us an email, our expert Immigration Solicitor from Immigration Department will contact you soon.
We can get the Tier 1 General Extension-Same , Tier 2, ILR,
Applications can submitted through Same Day Visa Service at Home Office-PEO (UKBA)
Same Day Visa Applications   Our Fees – No VAT
 Tier 1 General Extension£950.00
 Tier 2 General-Same Day Visa Slot£750.00
 Tier 4 General Student extension- Same Day£500.00
 Tier 4 Child Student Extension-Same Day Visa£500.00
 Indefinite Leave to Remain-ILR (Tier 1 General)-Same Day Visa£850.00
 ILR on the Basis of Work Permit Holder£700.00
Tier 2 General – ILR£700.00
Tier 2 Minister of Religion – ILR£600.00
Tier 2 Sportsperson – ILR£600.00
Spouse Visa to ILR, SET (M)£850.00
ILR Unmarried Partner£650.00
Civil Partner to ILR-Same Day Visa£650.00
 ILR UK Ancestry Visa-Same Day Approval£800.00
Domestic Worker to ILR-Same Day Visa£700.00
PBS Dependent Visa application£600.00
Spouse Visa [FLR (M) Application]£700.00
Transfer of Condition (TOC Application)£450.00
NTL-No Time Limit-Endorsement Application£450.00
Civil Partner Visa – FLR (M) Application£700.00
Unmarried Partner Visa£700.00

“fees may decrease or increase depends upon the issues of the case”