Where an immigration decision is made in respect of the person he may appeal to the Immigration & Asylum Tribunal, please note that it says may and not must.

As with respect to the out of country cases there are hardly any appeal rights,

Tier 4 Appeal: For example if you have applied for Tier 4 general student migrant which was refused by the Entry Clearance Officer or Entry Clearance Manger then you will not get any appeals rights, as in these cases you can only apply for administrative review, however if you still not satisfied then you can apply to the High Court.

However, In Family Visit Visa Appeals:

Family Visit Visa Appeals: Cases if you are a first cousin of the Sponsor, and your application is still refused by the Entry Clearance Officer or Entry Clearance Manager then you will be granted full right of appeal and you can lodge an appeal to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

Furthermore, please be advised that to lodge a paper appeal the Tribunal fee is £80.00 per appellant and £140.00 for oral appeal per appellant.

a) To lodge an appeal you must have good grounds of appeal.
b) You must serve the paginated index to bundle 5 days prior to the hearing date to the Home
Office and to the Tribunal.
c) The index to bundle must have a Witness Statement attached to it.

On the hearing day you have to adopt the Witness Statement, if you wish it to be considered as an Evidence, then if the home office presenting officer will be there, he or she will ask you lots of question, then Immigration Judge may ask you few question, and later on the Judge will invite your legal representative to re-examine you, if not then it goes to the submission stage.

Spouse Visa Appeal

Civil Partnership Visa Appeal

Family Visitor Visa Appeal

Student Visa Appeal

Points Based System Appeal

Tier 1 Appeal

Tier 2 Appeal

Human Rights Appeals

Fiancé/ Fiancée Visa Appeal

Unmarried Partner Visa Appeal

Dependent Visa Appeal

Indefinite Leave to Remain Appeal

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